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There’s a new exchange project at our school!


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During the ‚EU-day’ at our school especially Europe was an important topic for many young people. Because of that we not only wondered how the EU can benefit from us but also how we can benefit from the EU?
One possible way to make use of the European Union’s advantages as a young person is the ‚Erasmus +’ programme. This is a funding programme provided by the EU to support teenagers and young adults in matters of studying or completing work placements abroad (in another European country). Exchange projects at schools are encouraged as well which is why we will experience the ‚Erasmus +’ project . The exchange project with 3 other countries is starting in the current school year 2017/2018.
Students of year 9 and 10 will actively be part of this project for 2 years but others will be given the possibility to join ‚Erasmus +’ as well.
The entire exchange runs under the motto of ‚Baroque’ and its main goal is to create a connection between the past, present and maybe even the future.
That means that modern media and technology are going to play an important role. Artistic aspects of Baroque are supposed to be explored and elaborated through modern technical devices.
Apart from the exchange between different schools the intercultural experience is going to be strengthened.
In December our school will be the first to host altogether 18 students and 6 teachers from our partner schools in the Czech Republic, Italy and Lithuania.
For the time being the students will live with the families of their partners from RSG.
Here in Leipzig the topics will be music (focusing mostly on Johann Sebastian Bach), fashion, dances and historical architecture. Part of the trip to Baroque is a visit of ‚Thomaskirche’ and ‚Thomanerchor’ (Leipzig’s most famous choir) as well as creating a fashion magazine and an excursion to Dresden informing about Augustus the Strong.
What’s an advantage for all of us: Since the project is promoted by the EU we might receive new technology for our classrooms as remnants of the programme.

So who are our exchange partners?

Czech Republic: The main heads of the project live in Neratovice, a town 20 km north of Prague. They designed the concept and planned the realisation of the programme. The school has had some experience with other exchanges already and will teach History in a different way than students are used to. Moreover they will organise a trip to Prague.

Italy: The students travelling to Italy are fortunate enough to be able to fly to Sicily, an island mostly known as a holiday destination, and experience World Cultural Heritage in a small town with about 9000 inhabitants. ‚Palazzolo Acreide’ presents some architectural traces of Baroque and is home to an extraordinary school focusing on human rights, peacefully living together in a multicultural society and treating other people as well as the environment respectfully in an intensified way. Additional to visiting historic monuments, small castles and churches and creating a baroque cookbook, overcoming barriers and prejudices is highly valued by our Italian partner school.

Lithuania: Our partner school here is ‚Šilalės Simono Gaudėšiaus gimnazija’ in Šilalė, a small town with just 5500 inhabitants in the west of Lithuania. Here the main focus lies- similar to the German programme- on arts and music. German is taught as a foreign language there which could potentially be helpful for us.
Translated by Anika Unger, 10c

Sunday, 3rd December 2017

It was a cold and snowy Sunday at Leipzig` s main station when the German students and teachers met to welcome our exchange partners from Italy, Lithuania and the Czech Republic. For some -especially for the Italians - it was their first time or one of their first times seeing snow in real life which was very exciting. Everybody spent their evening with their host families and got to know each other a little bit better so the project week would become a success in the end.

Monday, 4th December

On our first proper day everybody met in the assembly hall of RSG to be welcomed by our headmaster Mr Klingner. Afterwards the guests were given a tour around the school and joined a regular lesson which was not always well received. Because school is always exhausting we were happy to get some lunch in the cafeteria. When everybody had filled their stomachs the group went into the city centre to show the exchange partners the local Christmas market and to do some shopping. In the early afternoon we were given a guided tour through ‘St. Thomas Church‘. Unfortunately climbing the tower had to be cancelled due to lightning striking it during a short thunderstorm. The Germans then gave some presentations on Leipzig`s sights although not everybody was willing to listen. This put an end to an interesting day only to be topped by enjoying a delicious meal together.

Tuesday, 5th December 2017

The main goal of this day was to work in our project groups which are:
But before we began we heard an interesting presentation about the 30 Years War by our teacher Mrs Neumann. During this historical lesson we learned  why the war started, who was involved and what the consequences were. The following workshops were successful for everyone and the results are going to be presented on Friday. In the evening our school planned a party for people participating in the Erasmus project and students from our school. The highlight was a concert of our RSG-Band, that was much liked by the students. Later all nations danced together in our assembly hall to the songs of the DJ.

Wednesday, 6th December 2017

On Wednesday there was an individual tour through Bachmuseum. Afterwards the group had a delicious meal at Schnitzel Culture. This was followed by a very interesting guided tour through St. Thomas school and the attached boarding school for the boys attending the famous St. Thomas choir. Later on we had some free time during which everybody could do whatever they wanted to. In the evening we were bowling and though we didn‘t get strikes very often it was a fun night for everybody.

Thursday, 7th December 2017

The day began at 9:00 a.m. when we started travelling to Dresden by bus. Everyone used their free time in Saxony‘s capital individually first, though many took the chance to explore the Christmas market. At 1  p.m. we were given a tour through baroque Dresden and learned a lot about Augustus the Strong which was widely enjoyed. After going back to Leipzig all of us were invited to listen to the school choir‘s Christmas concert. Some of the Germans even took part in the singing and were happy to have such an international audience. The concert was a great success – for singers and listeners.  

Friday, 8th December 2017

Friday was our last full day together and it was filled with practising for the evening programme.
After another lunch at RSG’s cafeteria we met for a final rehearsal before the show. Everyone
could spend their afternoon individually and we gathered again at 5:30 p.m. to prepare and get the models of our fashion group into their outfits.
The programme consisted of short presentations of each participating country and some music and dancing as well as presenting the selfmade baroque gowns.
As our guests we welcomed the German host families so they could see what we worked on all week and eat a nice meal which was provided by some of our 11th graders.
It was an evening of celebrating international connections but also of saying goodbye to new friends. On Saturday we brought our partners and now friends back to the main station but we look forward to visiting them all soon!
The Erasmus+ week was enjoyed by all of us and did exactly what it was supposed to:
strengthen the intercultural experience and help us meet new people from other countries.